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When you set out to find someone to design your new website, you probably imagined it to be quite simple. A quick Google search, a look at the top results, a process of elimination down to one. But, going from ‘just looking’ to ‘ready to buy’ is a big step, and one that should be taken carefully. You want to be sure that not only will you get a new website in time and on budget, but that the people building it actually get you.

This point of difference is what we’ve built Orange Media around. We’re the kind of web design agency you’d recommend to your mum and yes, we like to shout about it (you can verify what everyone says about us here). People in and around Huddersfield trust us with their businesses because success means more to us than just a new website.

In practice, this means we make it a priority to get to know you and your goals inside out. Rather than focusing solely on how your website will look and work, we’ll build it to achieve the results we define together at the start of the project, whether that’s…

More traffic

More Enquiries

More Sales

The words will be written in plain English and optimised for search engines like Google, the site architecture will be lean, agile and easy to navigate, and you will be trained on how to use the back-end so you have some flexibility when you need to upload content or update the platform. Unlike other agencies who keep the nuts and bolts of their websites under lock and key, ours are both beautiful and easy to use. If you’re completely dependent on us at the end of the project, we haven’t done our job right.

All of this is important to us because we know the cost of the alternative. As a business ourselves, we want to stand out rather than add to the noise, and we’ll bring this mindset with us when we work with you. 

Collectively we’re a new agency, but individually, we’ve years of experience behind us. Our designers and writers have worked at both big and small companies which enables us to think differently about your website and marketing needs. Our web design agency is based in Huddersfield but we bring the same value to clients wherever they are, from London to Canada and as far as Hong Kong.

We’d love to be your first choice, but we understand that you need some time to look around. Pop the kettle on, pour yourself a brew and if you need the sugar, just shout.

A memorable website
is a new form of currency
in today’s digital world.


A few words from our previous clients

"Orange Media has done a fantastic job of building and managing my websites for the past 3 years. Great customer service and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. "

David Lea

Stead & Mercer


"We have a very complex business model and wanted to take this online. Orange Media managed to build all this and made it very simple to use. They are experienced and managed to bring our business to the 21st century. The Orange Media team was always very keen to help and solved minor teething problems quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Orange Media to anyone and rate them 10/10 for their skills."

I Uddin

Vital Polys/ Vital Gels

"Steven is one of the most flexible and versatile freelancers I’ve worked with. He can use a wide range of techniques together to give you anything from a simple promotion poster to a full website package."

Liam Mcallister

AGM Tokyo Huddersfield

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