Graphic Design Made Simple: Branding and Brand Identity

March 8, 2022

Your brand identity is the special sauce of your business that sets you different from every other Tom, Dick, and Harry on the street, much like your personal identity makes you uniquely you. What about your corporate identity? It’s what gives your business its personality.


What is Branding & Brand Identity?

The collection of all aspects that a firm generates to project the correct image to its customers is known as brand identity. Even though these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, brand identity is distinct from “brand image” and “branding.”


Developing a strong Brand & Brand Identity

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By Dirupvation Digital

Jean-Noel Kapferer, the model’s developer, proposed a hexagonal prism model that uses six distinct brand traits to create brand success. According to Kapferer, the strongest companies have six characteristics that work together to generate consistent brand identity and message. Graphic design plays a crucial role in bringing out these aspects of a brand.

The prism gives you a visual representation of the brand’s “Now” and “how you want to see it.” The clearer the picture, the more likely the company will be able to fine-tune its design and communications to position itself as a market leader.


Merging Graphic designing with brand identity


1. Use of typography

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By CreativeMarket


2. Colour palette to compliment the theme

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By 99 Designs


3. A brand style guide

You’ll want to make sure your design assets are used correctly once you’ve obtained them, which is why you’ll want to produce a brand style guide.

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By Dribble


It’s time to work with a graphic design and branding professional to bring your brand identity to life and convert who you are as a business into actual design assets you can use in your marketing once you’ve figured out the building blocks of your design. Any number of aspects can be used to express your brand identity.

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