Top 5 Brand New Website Design Trends in 2022

February 3, 2022

Web Design Trends are in a constant state of flux, and anything could be popular next year… or not. It’s important to keep track of all the latest technologies. It’s important to know where things are headed, and how to go about implementing them as a designer. 

Typographic hero image

Typographic hero image

By Trippeo

Hero images are still popular—they’re trendy, and thanks to their above-the-fold, full-screen attractiveness, they quickly catch the user’s eye. Apart from the hero image, one of the most important components of a big header is the typography. However we often fall short in this area because hero photos may be highly dominating.

In fact, when typography and hero photos are used together appropriately, they can complement each other. It can create a unique visual experience for the user. 

Retro revolution

retro revolution

By Milos Bojkovic via Dribbble

As the very beginning of the World Wide Web fades from memory,  web designers are drawing inspiration from the early days of the Wild West. Bright colors, apparent table layouts, and robotic typefaces like Courier defined by the 90s.

Despite the fact that all of this was done with rather unorthodox yet unusual effects, web designers nowadays are recreating the trend with their own creative touch.

Visible borders

Visible Borders

By Gavrisov Dmitri via Dribbble

Web designers aim for magic or floating freeform in today’s digital space. The reality is that websites are created on a precise grid and are held together by code. Web designers are now pursuing a more authentic touch in 2022. With layouts that reveal their base through basic borders and frames.


Creative scrolling experiences.

Scrolling provides a constant chance for dynamic interactive feedback. This is because it is the most common sort of engagement a user has with a website. Visitors will be taken on imaginative adventures through scrolling experiences in 2022, which will be bigger and better than before.

Handmade Graphics

Hand made graphics

By Realysys

Technology has paved a way for remarkable web design trends in 2022. However, relying on digital tools can make it all too easy to lose sight of the feeling of personality and authenticity that comes with unique, handcrafted graphic designs. As a result, web designers are going all out with the rise of handmade graphics, resulting in more relatable interfaces that would surely set your organizations’ trajectory in the coming years.

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