Web Design

A memorable website is a new form of currency in today’s digital world. Everything happens online, which is why it’s never been harder or more necessary to stand out. Hard yes, but not impossible.

Our mission is to give users an unforgettable experience whenever they land on a website that we’ve built. At a minimum, it needs to look good, work intuitively and load at lighting speed. Most importantly, it needs to keep visitors on the page, drive conversions and be accessible to anyone at any time.

That’s why we specialise in building bespoke, mobile friendly WordPress websites. WordPress is a free, versatile, customisable platform and content management system in one which is loved by developers and users alike. We use it because:

  • Google and other search engines like websites that are built on it
  • There’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to features and media, such as the ability to integrate booking systems, Youtube videos and Instagram feeds
  • It’s easy to make important updates to your website on the go with the WordPress mobile app, which keeps your data and information safe and secure.


But, if you don’t think a WordPress website is right for you, don’t worry. We also build bespoke PHP applications, static brochure sites (for businesses that want to advertise online) and eCommerce sites (for online stores that sell products and take payments). You’ll get full training at the end of the project and have access to our team for any questions and suggestions.

How long does a new website take to design and build?

We don’t do turns of phrase but it’s rather like asking how long is a piece of string. Although we aim for a two-week turnaround from receipt of the content (such as the words, images etc.), it’s important to keep in mind that every website design project is different. Some are straightforward, others are complex which means they need more time and resources thrown at them.

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a rough idea. Take a look at the timeline below. You’ll see each web design milestone and what’s involved. We typically follow this process for every website build unless agreed otherwise with the client.


We’ll kick off the website build with a set of questions which you will need to answer. This will allow us to scope the size of the project. We’ll use your answers to form a list of priorities, which we’ll then use to keep everyone on the same page.


Think of wireframing as the skeleton of a web design project. It gives us insight into the site’s structure without all the stuff you can see getting in the way (such as colours, fonts etc.). It’s where we outline the site’s logic, spot and resolve functionality and architecture issues, and visualise the placement of basic content and creative.

Prototyping is the meat on the bones. It’s where we bring to life the ideas and concepts imagined in the wireframe. It’s an iterative process, where different versions and samples are produced before the final product is sent to the client for sign off.
Once we get the greenlight on the design, we set to work bringing it to life. This goes far beyond just getting the website built. We’ll start by setting up a staging site which allows us to test as we build and eliminate bugs before launch. We’ll tell Google’s algorithm to crawl each page so that the website can rank on search engine results pages without delay. We’ll also connect the back-end to analytics software so that important metrics can be tracked from the word go.
Testing and Release

The importance of this step cannot be overstated. Adequate testing can make or break a user’s experience of a site and therefore the business. We’ll test for issues and bugs across multiple browsers, devices and screen sizes. For eCommerce sites, we’ll check that all payment gateways are linked up and working in sandbox mode. This means you’ll be able to take payments, and your customers will be able to make purchases right away. We can also implement a staggered release process on bigger or more complex projects

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A few words from our previous clients

"Orange Media has done a fantastic job of building and managing my websites for the past 3 years. Great customer service and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. "

David Lea

Stead & Mercer


"We have a very complex business model and wanted to take this online. Orange Media managed to build all this and made it very simple to use. They are experienced and managed to bring our business to the 21st century. The Orange Media team was always very keen to help and solved minor teething problems quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Orange Media to anyone and rate them 10/10 for their skills."

I Uddin

Vital Polys/ Vital Gels

"Steven is one of the most flexible and versatile freelancers I’ve worked with. He can use a wide range of techniques together to give you anything from a simple promotion poster to a full website package."

Liam Mcallister

AGM Tokyo Huddersfield


Starting a new project and have a few questions?
How much does it cost?

Unfortunately we cannot simply answer this question, it completely depends on what you need. Rest assured we deliver great value for money. Why not send us a message today for a free quote.

How long does it take?

We aim for a 2 week turnover after receiving all your relevant information. For more info on our process please click here

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free content management system designers and developers like us build websites on. It provides lots of flexibility and functionality and we can easily update it to keep your site fresh with content. We use it for a range of sites from static to e-commerce.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process of renting space to house your website in the world wide web. For the nerds out there we use Google’s cloud SSD servers on all our sites as standard to not only provide great reliability but lightening fast speeds.

Do you write the content?

We do! All our websites come with the option to have your content written by our in house professional copywriter. Not only does this mean the words on your site will sound great, but you will also rank higher on google and other search engines.

Will you design the graphics or take my pictures?

Sure thing! Our in house design team loves designing and editing website graphics. If you’re local to us we can even take your new shiny press shots too. Get in touch now to find out more.